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TSC tackles Cleanroom upgrade for 48-hours straight over Labor Day weekend

Project Details

Temperature Service Company is no stranger to challenges. So when this Chicagoland Medical Technology Provider approached them to engineer and install a solution that increased cooling capacity as well as add HEPA filtration of a Cleanroom in their facility, TSC gladly accepted.

Since the company was closed for Labor Day weekend, the TSC team worked for 48 hours straight over Labor Day weekend to help minimize downtime at the facility. The video above highlights the Labor Day weekend replacement process of the two 12-year-old, 30-ton McQuay RTU’s, with two brand new 40-ton Daikin DPSA040 units. By replacing the old units TSC was able to accomplish the task of increasing the cooling capacity by over 25%!

In addition to boosting the Cleanroom’s cooling capacity, TSC also increased the air purification standards by installing two stainless steel HEPA filter enclosures into the Cleanroom as well as exhaust fans which capitalized on the room’s wasted exhaust energy by capturing it and recirculating the air back into the space.

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  • Two 40-Ton Daikin DPSA040 RTUs
  • Two 4000 CFM Stainless Steel HEPA Filtration Systems
  • Two 10 HP Exhaust Fans
  • 110-Ton Crane
  • Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Installed by 4 TSC Field Technicians and 2 Supervisors
  • Project completed ahead of schedule and accident-free.

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