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Energy audits
Energy Audits Your energy efficiency expert

Get the most out of every dollar you spend

HVAC and refrigeration equipment is an investment and Temperature Service Company can help get the most out of every dollar you spend. Temperature Service Company provides energy audits of your existing mechanical equipment. The audit assists in evaluating what is currently being spent to operate existing equipment and what energy dollars would be spent if the systems were to be replaced with new, more efficient systems.

We have made a substantial investment in sophisticated software and trained our staff on how to create and provide a comprehensive energy audit. The audit uses a customer’s actual kwh and therm cost. Once the data is collected, we can compare operating expenses of your existing equipment and the cost of new replacement equipment. We have found that, in many cases, the replacement cost of new equipment can be recovered in less than three years and sometimes immediate positive cash flow is recognized. This audit is particularly helpful when the customer is presented with the common scenario of having to decide whether to invest money to repair existing mechanical equipment or to replace that equipment. Despite the findings of our audit, we always consider the customer’s best interest to be the sole factor when determining a course of action in all situations. This foundation of honesty will support the growth of our company in the future as it has done in the past!

Due to new federal regulations mandating the production of higher efficiency mechanical equipment and the inefficient operating costs of older equipment, our customers are finding the audit to be an extremely useful tool for budgeting and financial planning. Budgeting and financial planning of utility expenses has become a significant part of our customers’ operating costs as a result of the seemingly endless increases in utility bills. The results of numerous audits we have performed for our customers shows that any equipment that is 10 years or older should be evaluated and consideration should be given to replacing that equipment.

An analysis of your existing HVAC equipment, often performed on equipment dating older than 12 years old. The audit calculates Energy Efficiency as in comparison of a new unit based on load calculations and the use of the equipment. Additionally, the audit will take into consideration mechanical service that may be required to continue to run the unit. Be advised that many 5 Ton Roof Top Units or less result in a 2-year ROI should you replace them.

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