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HVAC/R and Mechanical Services for Property Managed Buildings

Temperature Services Company is an HVAC/R & Mechanical Service Contractor specializing in the new installation, repair, and/or maintenance of equipment commonly used in office buildings, commercial, and residential buildings.

If you are a Property Manager of an office, commercial, or residential building, we understand that you must balance between the satisfaction of your tenants, as well as the building owners. We understand the pressures that may bring, and how important it is to establish honest, dependable, and economical relationships to effectively manage and maintain your building’s mechanical assets including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment.

You can count on Temperature Service Company to:

5 Star

Provide superior performance to ensure the heating and cooling mechanical equipment is working properly and efficiently


Develop relationships with on-site maintenance and engineering staff to effectively address concerns in a timely fashion

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Maintain professional appearances and demeanor, with focus on problem resolution


Conduct consistent communication between our organization and yours

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Produce detailed documentation via email or hard-copy to ensure your visibility, accurate reporting, and compliance


Develop a long term relationship; one you can depend on every time

If you are a Property Manager or Landlord, ensuring that the mechanical equipment in your facility is properly maintained is legally your responsibility. Preventative maintenance of your HVAC and mechanical equipment will help you avoid unnecessary expenses, and prevent your energy bills from soaring.

We can assess the current condition of your building’s mechanical equipment, develop a maintenance plan tailored to your system’s needs, or design a replacement system which meets the needs of your facility.

Whether you are seeking an HVAC/R Contractor for regular maintenance or to replace your HVAC equipment, contact Temperature Service Company today!


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