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Winter Time HVAC Safety Tips

The midwest is notorious for some extreme cold weather conditions. During these times, keeping your RTU running and making sure the environment is safe is key to a healthy work environment. We put a list together of the “Four C’s” that should be performed regularly, but especially before the heavy winter months set in.

  1. CHECK-UPS – Performing annual check-ups is a MUST!  You should always have a qualified technician perform a thorough inspection before the winter hits to make sure everything is okay.  Having a check-up performed regularly is essential to making sure everything is working well, up to date, and ensures the unit is ready to get you through the season. 
  2. CHANGE THE AIR FILTER – Change your filters about every one to three months when it is being used the most. Changing your air filter(s) prior to the cold season, can provide you that peace of mind in the winter that the unit isn’t being neglected. Dirty filters can lead to small and even large issues such as furnace failure.
  3. CLEAR THE AREA – Make sure the environment is clear around the unit. Clearing the area will ensure you’ve done everything you can to avoid mishaps or malfunctioning due any foreign objects and debris that might interfere with the unit operating at peak performance. Avoid a serious situation and make sure your furnace is “in the clear”.
  4. CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS – Checking carbon monoxide detectors is usually forgotten by many, but is VERY important.  Being exposed to a carbon monoxide leak can lead to serious tissue damage and even death. Some signs of exposure include weakness, headache, confusion, or nausea. Since carbon monoxide is odorless and tasteless, not not checking your detectors regularly is extremely dangerous. Make sure those detectors operating and are up to code!!

Hopefully you find these tips helpful! Keep in mind, even though we are a Commercial HVAC company these tips can be applied to your furnaces at home as well! If you need anything at all or need a professional to take a look at your equipment, please feel free to contact us at any time!  The Temperature Service Company fleet is ready and available to you 24/7/365! 

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