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TSC cuts 2,000,000 square foot facility heating expenses in half.

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When approached to come up with a way to reduce the heating expenses of an empty 2,000,000 square foot manufacturing facility near Joliet, Illinois, Temperature Service Company gladly accepted the challenge! Since its closure in 2017, the property owners spent over $1,000,000 year after year just to heat the facility to a level to avoid pipes bursting during the cold, midwest, winter months. Since the winter months were quickly approaching, the TSC Engineering Team needed to act quickly. In less than 1-week, a plan was proposed that would be completed before the first cold snap and cut the heating costs by more than half!

Of course, the proposal was accepted and the TSC got to work. While 9 Tioga air heaters were being prepped and transported to the area from Minnesota, the team manufactured ductwork and replaced windows at strategic locations throughout the facility in preparation for their arrival.

Once the heaters arrived, each one was placed according to plan and connected to the newly installed ductwork. Meanwhile… as 27 – 1,000 gallon, steel propane tanks were prepped and transported from Minnesota, the TSC hung 3 Unit Heaters in some smaller buildings also on the property. When the tanks arrived, the team placed and connected 3 tanks by each.

After the system was fired up and running, TSC continually maintained the setup, coordinated propane deliveries, and verified the temperature levels were where they should be throughout the entire season.

Whether you’re a Property Manager or a Building/Facilities Manager, we know you understand what an amazing amount of planning and work goes into a project of this size! We’re so excited and happy to have created such a successful solution for our customer. Our innovation and expertise not only cut their operational costs in half but saved on unnecessary waste of our natural resources as well!

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  • 9 – Tioga Air Heaters – 4,500,000 BTU’s per hour & Blower Output of 25,000 cfm
  • 27 – 1,000 Gallon Steel Propane Tanks
  • 3 Unit Heaters.
  • TSC’s engineered solution saves property owners $500,000 in heating expenses.
  • Project completed in less than one month!

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