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How Does A Maintenance Plan Pay For Itself?

What is the cost for a proactive HVAC maintenance plan to service the equipment at your facility?  Absolutely nothing.

How is that possible? When you take into consideration the features of an HVAC maintenance plan: a discount on the hourly service rate, a discount on the price of parts, plus the advantages of maintaining your equipment—the end result is a service that helps you stay up and running while increasing your bottom line and generating a positive cash flow.

Why discounts?  HVAC service providers are not in the business of losing money by offering their services at a deep discount.  However, when service providers are confident in the results of their expertise and are willing to minimize their margins in exchange for a small commitment to utilize their services and gain the opportunity to build a long-term partnership, it becomes a win-win situation.

Our maintenance plan has an added benefit: it puts you ahead of the other companies’ HVAC and refrigeration service needs.  Maintenance plan members take priority over others, allowing you to get back to comfort and productivity in a more timely manner.

In addition, proactive equipment maintenance will reduce your overall annual service expenses. Items such as plugged filters, slipping belts and dirty coils all contribute to excessive run time, inefficient operation and premature component and equipment failure.  Regular maintenance results in lower energy costs, and most importantly, a regular maintenance visit performed by an experienced technician will identify minor issues that can be corrected before developing into major, costly repairs.

Temperature Service Company also has a process in place that allows us to build a history on your equipment from one maintenance visit to another. This process identifies changes in the diagnostic data that is recorded and allows us to see deficiencies in performance, so that they may be proactively addressed in an effort to prevent equipment failure and down-time.

With the use of the latest technology, maintenance reports are forwarded directly to you via email, as well as your home office, immediately upon completion.  This allows for the timeliest resolutions to any equipment issues which may exist.  This system also has the ability to provide you with reports related to cost and frequency on any specific piece of equipment, to aid in your capital expenditure decisions.

Properly maintaining your systems will provide you with a return far exceeding the initial cost of a proactive maintenance plan.

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