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Congrats to our CAI Condo-HOA Conference & Expo Winners

BUSY BUSY BUSY @ CAI’s 2023 Condo-HOA Conference and Expo!

First and foremost, “THANK YOU” to everyone who stopped by to visit our booth at CAI’s 2023 Condo-HOA Conference and Expo!

In addition to meeting some great people, we also had a blast giving away prizes to those who took their chances at winning a bunch of great prizes such as Cubs tickets, wireless earbuds, Bluetooth speakers, digital assistants, and so much more! If you happened to be one of the lucky winners but didn’t get your prize at the show, check your emails and/or voicemails, as one of our TSC Representatives has informed you of your winnings!

We also want to send out a special thank you to CAI for hosting such an awesome event! If you missed the event take some time and check out their official photo gallery here where you’ll find a bunch of great images of the event.

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