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12 Traits To Cultivate For Achievement

Success depends on a certain amount of luck, but smart people don’t leave it entirely up to chance. In the book Work your strengths (AMACOM), authors Chuck Martin, Richard Guare, and Peg Dawson identify 12 strengths essential to success.

  • Response Inhibition– the ability to think before you act.
  • Working memory– remembering information while you are performing complex tasks.
  • Emotional control– not giving in to anger, anxiety or other counterproductive feelings.
  • Sustained attention– the ability to focus on the immediate job.
  • Task initiation– getting started.
  • Planning and prioritizing– knowing what’s important and what to do first.
  • Organization– having all the tools and resources available whenever you need them.
  • Time management– using your time as efficiently as possible.
  • Goal-directed persistence– setting goals and moving steadily toward them.
  • Flexibility– the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Perspective– seeing the big picture and your role in it.
  • Stress tolerance– ability to deal with stress.
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