Elk Grove Business HVAC Remodel

HVAC Remodel

  • Remodel all of the existing HVAC systems in the factory, warehouse, and offices. All of the existing systems were over 20 years old and in dire need of replacements
  • Dramatically reduce the energy consumption from antiquated HVAC systems by replacing them with new high efficiency systems.
  • Adding a new make up air unit & exhaust fans to create air changes and positive air balance in the factory and the warehouse.
  • All existing systems have been replaced and modernized. Some systems have been relocated to provide more consistent temperatures throughout the facility.
  • After just 1 month, heating bills have been reduced 28%! Cooling bills are not yet known but should be even more of a dramatic reduction.
  • Air quality is improved and there is now a positive air balance limiting the infiltration of bugs and dirt. This has reduced the spoilage of powder coated products the customer is producing.
Bottom Line:
  • Despite making a significant capital investment in new HVAC systems the customer is anticipating a significant return on investment and a pay back period of less than 36 months due to savings from reduced energy bills.

Download Project Details (PDF)