Get your unit ready for the summer!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Out of sight and out of mind is how many mind sets are when it comes to the equipment that keeps us all comfortable throughout the year. It is almost as if it takes something to break to realize that there is some simple maintenance that could have kept your equipment running more efficiently and saved you tons of money! Here are some tips to make sure your AC unit is ready to take on the summer.

1.) Focus on changing your filter- once you have your fresh new filter, your HVAC system will not have any dust or dirt blocking/restricting the cool air.

2.) Keep outside areas clear of your unit- make sure your spring cleaning is done by removing any leaves, debris, dirt, plants or whatever could possibly be blocking the area.

3.) Use a programmable Thermostat- By using your thermostat you can adjust the temperature for those times when you are not in your facility or home.  This can help your unit not over work and also save you money in the long run!

4.) Help the air flow with fans- Some ceiling fans or even the fan setting on your thermostat is just another way to help prevent your AC from overworking this summer.

5.) Window treatments- Adjusting your windows to not let that summer heat get in.  There are treatments available, or investing in some blinds, drapes, or even window tint can help the heat stay outside.

6.) Clean out your vents- make sure there are no objects blocking your vents. This is just another situation that can cause your AC (or furnace) to work extra hard!

7.) Consider updating your units- if you have tried all of these tips and it seems that your AC (or furnace) is having trouble keeping up or even causing you to have large energy bills, then it may be time to invest in a new unit.  Newer units are being made even more energy efficient and also going to save you tons of money.  

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