Meet The Techs!

Friday, December 21, 2018

Every month Temperature Service Company will hold a meeting for our guys out in the field.  During these meetings held by Paul Rainey, our Service Manager and Chris Rushing, our Vice President Of Service, they will cover what's been going on.  Some important point's they discuss are reviewing new procedures, safety briefing, or even just to relay information the office personnel would like to get out to the techs.  We also use this time for an open discussion. This gives the techs the chance to speak up on what is concerning to the them or anything in regards to customer sites,  safety, proper paperwork procedures, training, truck and equipment issues.

We try to keep everyone on our team happy and involved.  Our tech's are out on the field 99% of the time and keeping the customers happy.  They are a huge part of our success!
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