Industrial Refrigeration

Industrial Refrigeration Maintenance and Installation

Temperature Service Company is a refrigeration contractor specializing in industrial refrigeration equipment maintenance and replacement in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs, as well as southeast Wisconsin and northwest Indiana since 1982.

Do not take your refrigeration equipment for granted. Preventative maintenance of your refrigeration equipment is critical to your customers’ safety and to your company’s bottom line. A poorly maintained refrigeration system can waste an additional 50% of the energy it consumes. Keeping your refrigeration equipment running at peak performance is achieved by routinely maintaining the following components of your refrigeration systems:

  • Evaporator Coils: Clean and free of ice buildup.
  • Drains and Drain Pans: We clean and drain your pans of any food particles or debris which may clog drains.
  • Gaskets and Seals: Cleaning and inspecting your equipment’s gaskets and seals for rips and cracks are important to ensuring they do their job in keeping the cold air in and the hot air out. Though replacing seals and/or gaskets in freezers or refrigeration systems are not cheap, they are essential in ensuring efficiency and may cost you much more in the long run if not maintained or replaced.
  • Temperature Controls: Maintaining the proper temperature is essential when managing perishables. Therefore, calibrating and verifying your systems temperature controls are working correctly is another item our technicians inspect on our preventative maintenance inspections.
  • Condensers: Keeping your industrial refrigeration system's condensers clean, are required in order to maximize efficiency and minimize strain on your system.
  • Defrost Freezers: Similar to your average residential freezer, for optimal performance, commercial and industrial refrigeration and freezers should be defrosted on occasion. Build up of ice inhibits a freezer's ability to maintain its proper temperature and also causes the freezer to work harder then it should to compensate.

Whether you utilize industrial process or commercial systems, Temperature Service Company is standing by to assist you with regular maintenance, emergency repairs and/or total replacement of your existing industrial refrigeration equipment.