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TSC Replacement in Bolingbrook

Today we present one of the many job’s Temperature Service Company has done recently.  This was a project out of Bolingbrook to replace their existing unit.  A healthy running Make-up Air unit can provide fresh air to facilities, make the atmosphere more comfortable. A properly maintained MUA is responsible for “making up” the air in your building, pulling in fresh air to replace existing air. Here are 3 of our top reasons to keep them running smoothly

1.       Comfort Conditions: If the unit is not working properly, you will find a greater disparity in heating and cooling settings, leading to issues keeping your office comfortable for employees. This also leads to the second reasonwhich is…

2.       Utility Costs: An ill functioning unit, or one that is causing employees to over compensate with additional HVAC needs causes inflated utility bills. Keep your MUA equipment running smoothly and you will find yourself spending less on utilities.

3.       Air Quality Concerns: When a MUA is not running correctly it creates a greater risk of pollutants, germs, or allergens lingering in the air. Higher concentration of pollutants creates a greater likelihood of sickness spreading and employees being unable to work.

While the physical Make Up Air equipment is “out of sight”, the affects of them are felt on an office are felt daily. Regular maintenance on your unit is an easy way to insure the life expectancy for that peace of mind.  Please let us know if you would like to know more.

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